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Killer Article Titles and SEO Explained


Article titles are the most important part of your article. However, the content should deliver on what the title promises.

Jailed for SEO

Man Jailed for SEO

Recently Vitaly Borker, was arrested for his SEO tactics. Yep, that’s right. Arrested! What’s odd, he wasn’t even using what I would officially be considered black hat.

What You Know About Keyword Research Is Dead Wrong!

SEO World

I have often wondered about what most of the Internet marketing gurus teach us keyword research. I wondered about putting my keyword in quotes to determine competition. And I wondered about broad vs. exact match research in my keyword research.

If you are searching for broad match, you are totally wasting your time. Recently, what I came to understand why.

Help Reducing the Cluter of Keyword Competition

Keyword competition is one of the factors most Internet marketers (IM) take into account when doing keyword research. If you are not doing that, you should think about adjusting your decision making process. Keyword research is the starting point for your Internet marketing. If you do not get this step right it is likely that everything else will be flawed. One important aspect of your research should include keyword competition analysis.

Are Article Networks Dead?

Are article networks dead is one of the biggest questions in the Internet marketing business these days. Many people claim to have the answer. Some say it is and those selling linking tools say it is not. Those using linking tools hope it is not.

Two Important Factors For Keyword Research

If you’re a beginning Internet marketer you may not yet even know about keyword research. If you know about keyword research, you may not know why it is important to do it. So I am writing this quick keyword research article to help explain why researching a keyword to target is a good idea.

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