I originally published this article about this coaching program on another website a couple of years ago. This is a course I still believe in. After taking it, I did start making  money online. Within a year I was warning $1000 a month and within 18 months I was earning $3000 a month.

Now though, I’m in a rebuilding phase. One of my sites picked up a penalty from Google for building backlinks. It happened to many of us.  It wasn’t because of anything in the course. if you apply what Chris teaches, you really are very likely to earn a nice income online. Below is the article as it originally appeared.

Wow, am I excited about this Internet marketing coaching program.

I signed up for an Internet marketing course last week and the man offering it has blown me away with what he is offering!  Its hard to put it all into words  Its been quite some time since I’ve been excited about making money online but Chris, the guru offering the course has put fire back into my passion.

I wouldn’t tell you I was excited if I truly was not excited.  I am truly excited about the course I’m taking.

To get you started, I want to give you, yes  I said give you a ton of free information on starting your own web business.  This is a course that people are paying $197  a month for, but you can have it for free.  No strings attached.  Use it as you wish and use it to make a living through Internet marketing.

You may have dreamed of having your own online money making websites and now the dream can come true.  Now I’m not telling you its easy.  Its work but it can be fun.  And it will really get fun once you start making money.

The best thing is, this is for beginners.  The course was developed by a beginner.  Just two years ago, Chris was not making anything online.  Now he makes $1500 a day and its going up every week or so.  I know, because I’ve watched him log into his account and he showed me.

If you’d like to learn more about this $197 eBook that you can get for free, then visit this page:  CLICK HERE.

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