The tips I have for you on how to grow your Google Plus following are fundamental. However, I see many people trying to market on social Google Plus yet fail to take care of the basics. I know you want to make a sale but there are things you need to do to improve your odds. You should do apply these tips before you start to market anything.

In fact, if you plan to go into business but are not yet in the position where you can do that, growing your online network and presence will go a long way toward helping your new business become a success. Just be careful that you don’t fall into that trap of planning and never actually doing. For most of us waiting until we can go large with a business isn’t a great idea. Start small. One small step is building your online reputation and following. You can grow your Goolge Plus following long before you are ready to launch business.

When I say grow your Google Plus following, what I mean is getting people to put you in their circles. Those of us on Google Plus say to “Circle you”. Until they circle you, you’re content is not going to show up in their news stream. When someone adds you to a circle, they are saying I like that and want to hear more of what you have to say.

Though I had planned to do this all in one article, it didn’t take me long to realize that the first tip is an article in itself.  Therefore, I will break this up into a series of articles so I can do justice to each topic.

The first  thing you need to know in order go grow your Google plus following is that your profile is found under your “About” link. When you click “Home” within Google plus you are taken to your news feed or stream. Your profile can be visited under your About tab found near the top.

7 Tips to Grow Your Google Plus Following

  • Complete your Profile
  • Keep your Promotion to a Minimum
  • Join Communities Related to your Interest and Your Business
  • Post in communities
    • Your first post in a community should be to introduce yourself
    • Don’t spam the communities
  •  Circle People that Share, Plus and comment on your post
  • Thank People that Share, Comment or Plus your post
  • Include pictures with your post

Complete your Goolge+ Profile

The very first thing you should do is upload a picture of you. Not of your dog or even your company logo. Your Google Plus profile should be all about you. There is a place for logos. They belong on your Google Plus page for business but that’s another topic and you need to get your network of followers in place before you really work hard on your Google Plus page for Business.

If possible, make your picture memorable. That’s why most of my profiles have a bird on myGrow Google Plus Following head. That is easy to remember. You do need a full facial picture and that bird on my head is not that great for that. Still, people do remember it. Sometimes I feel a more serious picture is called for. It’s not as memorable but its more business like.

If the picture tells about you, that’s even better. That picture of me with a bird on my head was taken while traveling to a nearby island. It’s what I do. I visit places in the Philippines and write about them. In my mind, that’s a great choice.

If you’re a banker, surgeon or financial advisor, perhaps such a picture is not the best choice for you to use as a profile picture. It depends too on what image you wish to portray. Remember, business on the web is mostly very casual in dress codes.

Then complete your profile information. I highly recommend that you do not put works at self employed. That is usually the first text someone sees when they visit your Google Plus profile. Put something there that describes what you do. I have struggled with this for a couple of reasons. I’m both an Internet marketer and an Expat blogger. Many people don’t know what an expat is. Sometimes I use Travel Blogger.

My company name doesn’t really reveal what I do. It appears that I’m some geeky programmer. I’m not but I am headed into that line of work. The name was developed for web hosting but I’m not active in that any longer. So I don’t use that on Google Plus.

To see my Google Plus profile click here.  I have a couple of other G+ profiles to direct you too. I wouldn’t do everything they do in these but they are excellent examples.

I met Sarah Server when I asked a question about Google Plus. She has a massive Google Plus following and I consider her to be social networking expert.  She took the time to help me with the problem I was having. One more profile that I think is well done is the G+ GoTo Gal about though she doesn’t use her real name; it seems to be working for her and her name tells exactly what she is about. I do think it is a mistake not to include a picture of one’s self but it seems to be working for her also.

Your Google Plus Tagline

Also, make your tagline descriptive of who you are and why you are on Google Plus. Use your tagline to describe what business you are in. Your tagline prominently displayed in various places on Google Plus.

Link your websites to your Google Plus profile and link your websites back to your Google Plus profile, When you do this, you increase the likelihood of your picture showing up in searches. Your link is far more likely to get a click if your picture is there. Especially if it is from someone that knows of you and that includes people you don’t know well. There will be many people that know you through your social network that you don’t. Having your picture show up in the search is very helpful.

Your Profile Should Tell Your Story

When someone looks at your profile, they should be able to quickly tell who you are. People in general are not going to read it word for word, at least at first. People on the web are in a hurry because there is so much junk out there.

You need to grab their attention so they can quickly know if you offer what they are interested in. People scan websites and they will scan your profile. If they don’t see something that interests them from that scan, it is unlikely they will devote the time needed to read it.

If you do grab their attention, then they might read it. In order to make your profile “scannable” use list and text decoration such as bold and underscore.

  • To bold a portion of text, use the asterisk key “*” for example *Some Important Text Here*
  • To underscore text use the underscore key before and after the text you want underscored such as _I am a Superstar_
  • To strike through text you use the dash key “-“ before and after like this -I changed my mind.- You could use that when trying to show how low the price is on something for example or you have special pricing available at this time.

Be Yourself on your Google Plus Profile

Don’t set up more than one Google plus profile if you can possibly help it. I have accumulated about 30 Gmail addresses. Google often does its best to get you to create another Google Plus profile for each one. I had about seven profiles. I deleted all but one but found I needed to have two more. One because it’s the main email address associated with my phone. The other email address is my main YouTube Channel. When I deleted those, I found I had issues relating to YouTube and some functions on my phone. So they are still on Google Plus but I don’t use them.

More important, I see people that try to hide who they are. I suppose if you’re a spammer that might be a good idea. I don’t think you’re going to find spamming a long term success. You can have short term success with it. If you’re an online marketer, you will be advertising. No matter what you do, some people are going to call that spam.

I think of spammers as people that use automated methods, post nothing but advertisements and don’t engage with their followers. It is unlikely you’re going to have a lot of followers if you do those kinds of things.

OkayOnline, your reputation is everything. So you need to be ethical and you should be clear about who you are. The market place is becoming more and more one to one. People want to know who you are. They want to trust you. In order for them to trust you, they must know who you are.
It takes time to build a following. It won’t happen overnight but in the long run it is the only thing that is sustainable. If you’re just too much of a private person that you don’t want to share your business online, then having an online business isn’t likely to work out for you.

Personally, I find that exposing my weaknesses helps others to relate to me. This also helps to reduce the impact when Internet trolls try to attack you verbally. By the way, when that happens, don’t engage. Just block them, ban them or do whatever else you can do to get rid of them. If you show that you’re upset, you will be giving them exactly what they want and will never grow tired of getting their thrill by upsetting you. Deny them of this. They will soon go away.

You are not going to be able to pull off not being yourself so don’t fight it. Don’t be afraid of being you.

How to Edit Your Google Plus Profile

After you login to Google Plus, go to your profile or home page. Near the top you will find a link to your about page. Click that and you will see various sections on your about page. To edit those sections click the edit link. Complete your information and save.

At the top, you’ll have the option to view as yourself. If you click that you can change it to public. This allows you to see it the way others see it.

Which Gmail Account to Use for Your Google Plus Profile

For most it won’t matter at all. The one major exception to this is in linking your YouTube Channel to your Google Plus profile. This is real problem for me. I have a fairly popular channel. It is related to my life in the Philippines and is a small niche but I have a huge chunk of it following my YouTube channel. The problem is I setup it up using an old email address that I don’t use a lot any more.

My Google Plus profile is on another email address. I didn’t know this would be an issue when I started out. The way Google Plus and YouTube are configured right now, I can’t display my YouTube Channels in the video tab of my Google Plus page.

I think my only choice is to make slight changes to the videos and upload them to the YouTube Channel that matches my Google Plus Profile. It’s not a good solution but that’s the only one I have.

I mentioned a smaller issue; I use my business email as my main profile on my Android phone. There is no telling how that might affect me in the future if Google won’t allow us to interlink the different accounts.

So keep this in mind if you are just starting out. Use the Google account that you want to use all over the place when you setup your Google Plus profile.

In Closing

Your profile is an important tool to grow your Google Plus following. Follow these steps and improve on them with your own ideas. Once you’ve done this, you are then ready to start sharing content on Google Plus. I have some suggestions on how to grow your Google plus following you post and share too. I will be publishing those as part of this series.

Due to questions and issues I ran into after writing this, I wrote to more articles about your profile dealing with specifics and explaining how to edit certain fields. Those articles are listed below.

Your Google Plus Profile is Extremely Important

Two Most Important Google Plus Profile Fields

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To continue reading more on this series visit part II. Part II is all about how to properly market your products on Google Plus.  In most cases, you do’t want to overtly promote products on any social network in your postings.  There is a better way. To find out more visit Grow Your Google Plus Network.

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