If you’re in business and on social networks you’re participation is likely income motivated. There is nothing wrong with that. However, advertising on social networks must be done with great care. My advice is to rarely promote a product or service. Instead, engage and establish yourself as an authority. Doing this will help you grow your Google Plus network.

Your focus should be on your website. Building great content to keep people engaged once you get them there. You should limit the majority of your selling to your own website.

Another place could be your Google Plus page for Business. Your own website is a better choice. You can place your sales information where you want it. You can give away a free eBook to get people into your email list so that you can keep them coming back through that. People are far more understanding when you advertise on your own website.

Your primary focus on Google Plus should be traffic to your actionable pages and you do that byCrushing Spam becoming known as an authority or brand. An actionable page would be a sales page or encouraging visitors to join your mailing list. A page to get them on your mailing list is often called a “Squeeze page.”

You may say “This sounds like a lot of hard work”. It is hard work. If you entered into online marketing because you believed that it was easy, then you were misled. It is not easy and it is almost never fast. However, if you stick with it, chances are good you will achieve success. It will take some time, you will make mistakes, you might have to start over but if you learn from your mistakes and adjust, you are very likely to succeed. Of course, there must be some interest in what you are offering. There must be a target audience.

Content that Will Shrink Your Google Plus Network

If you go around blasting messages trying to sell your stuff on your personal Google Plus profile, you are going to be very alone. You can do this but don’t do it often and do not start by doing that. Every time I make a promotional pitch on my personal profile, I cringe.

Some people spend money on bots to do this for them. You can find some profiles doing that if you search for topics. I have seen it and they had zero followers. They are spamming unto themselves as no else is seeing it.

I have had affiliates market my own digital products this way. I check their stats and they have no sales, most have very few clicks and I wish they would just go away. I had one person sending five hundred visitors a day to my site. The site was a one page sales page. That is a complete waste of my server recourse and cost me money. The point though is that it is not effective. He sent these visitors to my website everyday for about a year. This person failed to make a single sale. While others with highly targeted traffic made sales about 5% of the time.

No SpamThe people making money with my product write about the topic on their blog. They post an advertisement on their site about my product. Most never mention my product, they just provide a link.

If overt advertising worked, I would say do it. It doesn’t work. Overt advertising on social media  will usually shrink your network and provide almost no sales.

Content to Grow Your Google Plus Network

You may wonder what you should do with your social media such as Google Plus. While depends on your niche or target audience, you post information about your topics. Yes, you offer free information that helps your visitor. It can be opinion or it can be factual.

I think it is really better to have one topic of interest. I have two. One of them is expats living in the Philippines. This is a very small niche. I’ve learned if I capture enough of it, I can make a good income from it.

To capture that market, I publish a lot of information about moving to the Philippines and what my life in the Philippines is like. I give advice about living in the Philippines. I solicit questions about living in the Philippines.

The one action I do to create the most interest is posting pictures on my social networks. These pictures grab their attention and then some will read my information post. On Google Plus I’m mostly at the stage of posting pictures.

Consider your Target Audience

My target audience is mostly middle aged men. There are not a lot of women that want to move to a developing nation. The vast majority of my audience is guys looking for a lady. Usually they are looking for a lifetime partner.

What is the best way for me to get their attention? It is by posting pictures of pretty Filipina. I’vegrow your Google Plus network with Target Audience done very little of that so far. The reason is that too will offend some. So I take a conservative approach. Posting mostly pictures of places I’ve visited. I’m establishing myself as an authority. I am proving that I’m actually in the Philippines and making it work.

I will always continue to do that. Now though, its time I start grabbing their attention. I will post pictures of the Filipina I know. My pictures, not something I purchased.

Even sharing other people’s pictures is useful. Right now, I’m casting a wide net, later I will become far more focused on my two topics. Online business and living in the Philippines. I will even tie them in together at times.

Offer Value to Grow Your Google Plus Network

What I’m saying is you must offer value and do it for free without expecting anything in return. I’m giving you examples of what works for me in that niche. Your niche may require a different approach. No matter what that approach is, offering something of value to your audience will get people to follow you from network to network. Most importantly they will recommend you to others.

Most of the time, they will do that by hitting the Plus button and by reshaping what you post. In some cases, they will tell others about you. Now, I have many people thank me in public for helping their move or visit to the Philippines go so well.

No, unfortunately this will not happen fast and it will not happen quickly. You will need to have or develop the ability to keep on going even when it looks like things will never work out.

If you are not showing you have something of value in public, people are not going to buy your product. Nor will they go to your website and click on your affiliate link.

Engage with Your Google Plus Network

User EngagementWhile your building your Google Plus network, you need to engage with people that interact with your content. Take the time to thank people that plus your content. Send them a thank you. For maximum impact, add a comment to your post. In your thank you comment you should type “+Rusty Ferguson” without the quotes. This will tag them and they will get an alert that you mentioned them in a comment. Usually they will at least check to see what you said and often will click a link back to your profile.

I use to do this a lot, especially in communities. This help people to remember you. You are becoming a brand by doing this. I always do this when someone shares my post. When someone shares your post they increase its exposure dramatically.

Send Traffic to Your Website

To get traffic to my website from this, I post a link to any new article I write on my blog. I don’t just post the link. I’ll take the time to write something about it. I will write an introduction for the link. Hopefully, I’m having a creative day and that introduction will be written in such a way to reach out and grab the reader, compelling him to click on that link.

Always an Exception

There are exceptions of course. Right now, I’m advertising a free product that I hope will generate income down the road. There are some people on Google Plus that have given it a bad name. Some people causing this misinformation are those that market it. There are a few people that have set out to prove this product is a scam. I have yet to meet anyone doing this product that actually understands the product.

On the web, for many it doesn’t matter if a statement is true. If someone says it, others will believe it. I am sure I have lost some followers because of my activity with this product. I don’t like promoting it this way but it is a unique situation and it is the best way to promote it. This is a temporary and unavoidable situation that will soon change. However, I am certain it is doing me some slight harm.


I am writing a series of articles regarding how to grow your Google Plus network. This is the second article in that series. In the first article, I provided tips about your Google Plus profile. Very few people take the time to complete their profile. It isn’t fun to do it. The profile is often the first thing I and others look at when considering to add someone to their circles. It is important if you wish to grow your Google Plus network to have a good Google Plus profile. You can view that article at: Google Plus tips.

If you have any questions, insights or criticisms, please leave a comment. I’d love to see those. If you found my article to be useful, please share it. Trust me, bloggers notice when their content is shared.

In this article, I focused on providing value to your target audience. If you have an audience and if you build this value they will come.

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