Okay, so you have set up your blog and you don’t know what topic to write about.  Or maybe you haven’t setup your blog because you think there is no way you can find ideas to write about.   You can find topics to write about.  Let me show how.

Become the expert.  You really can do it.  You do it in baby steps.  You do it one article at a time.  “Okay Rusty, but how?”

Content is King

You can use several methods to obtain content.  It has become trite now but there is a very common saying on the web.  I think Google was the first to say it.  I’m not sure.  Content really is king.   You must have content in order to have anything for someone to read once they get to your website.  If you want to do well in the search engines you need to have a lot of quality content.

While Google likes to tell us that content is the most important thing as far as SEO, it just isn’t. However, for providing a service to your readers it is still king.

Other Peoples Content

To get ideas you can use other peoples content.  I call this OPC or OPI  (other peoples ideas).  No I don’t mean go steal other peoples words and use them.  That will get your website blacklisted from the search engines and destroy your reputation.

You must be very careful not to take the words of someone else.  There are many tools on the web to assist article writers in tracking who has stolen their content.  I’ll share how you can do that in a later article.

Ways to Find Topics To Write About

  • Set up Google Alerts.
  • Search Forums in Your Niche.
  • Search Blogs in Your Niche.
  • Take a Course related to Your Niche.
  • Follow Google Trends
  • PLR — Articles released to the public to be freely used.

Go to  http://www.google.com/alerts and create an account.  Once you are setup, enter some terms you wish to follow.  I usually put the terms in quotation marks.  Suppose you want to follow articles about affiliate marketing.  Then enter “affiliate marketing” and set up how often you want to be notified.  Google will then send you noticed about that topic in your inbox.  Click those links to see what people are saying.   Read and become educated.   You are now becoming the expert.  You can get ideas to write about from this source.  This alone gives me more ideas that I can possibly write about.

Go to Google.com and type in a term that interest you but add the word to it.  Such “Internet marketing forums.”  Visit the forums, read post.  See what people are talking about.  If something grabs your attention, chances are it will grab the attention of others. Also, look to see how many replies a topic gets.  A lot of replies usually means a lot of interest.  Create a document on your computer, note the topic and some of the things people say.  Use that information to come up with your own article.

Searching blogs is the same.   Go to Google Blogs and type in anything related to your niche.  You will likely find a lot of blogs related to your subject.  If you don’t then broaden your search a bit.  A search for “Fast Cars” will return more search results than if you search for “Fast cars with Marilyn Monroe on the hood.”

Taking a course related to your niche is a fantastic way to get ideas to write about.  I recently did that.  I recently took a refresher course on Internet marketing.  I already knew much of the information but it gave me a lot of ideas to write about.  I also learned a lot.  I’ve changed how I market online from the course that I thought was a refresher.

Use Google Trends to find the hottest topics on the web.  On this page you’ll find what others are searching for.  I have used this to drive large amounts of traffic to one of my websites.  These trends often don’t last long but can provide a boost and also provide you with great ideas to write about.  You need to keep it in focus with your niche.  Staying focused can be difficult but it will help Google understand what your site is about.

Find PLR articles.  It means public letter rights.  You can use these word for word but don’t!  Use them for inspiration.  Others may have used them word for word.  Generally, you don’t want content on your site that can be found elsewhere.

Go ahead and start doing these things.  Start to implement what I’ve told you about.  If you can write 10 articles in a day great.  I personally can’t do that.  I write slow.  If I get one article a day, that is good for me.  I don’t try to find instant gratification and I suggest that in the Internet marketing world you don’t do that either.

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