Your Google Plus profile is so important that I am going to write another article on this subject. There are two fields on your Google Plus profile that make it easy for people to know what you are about. Those two fields must be completed in a meaningful way. You might say, “Okay Rusty, but what are those fields and how do I fill them out?” Great question, this article will explain how to complete the “Employment” and “Tagline” fields in your Google Plus profile. If you want people to add you to your circles, you must have these fields properly completed.

I have written about the importance of Google Plus profiles before. When someone asked me a specific question about completing their G+ profile, I realized I hadn’t given any details on how to actually complete their profile. I will try to do that in this article.

If you’re in business on the Internet, you need to be on Google+. I will go deeper into why in a subsequent article but will touch on it briefly here. Google Plus is about making connections. Not just with old friends or with family. It is designed so that you can grow your audience. You can also use Google Plus to establish yourself as a brand or authority within your niche. But, let’s return to those two important fields.

The Two Important Google Plus Profile Fields

The two most important fields in your Google Plus profile are the Employment field and the Tagline field.

A couple of days ago, one of my friends on Google Plus had a question for me. He wanted to know how I managed to get my works at field completed. Since he did a better job of asking the question than I would have, I’ll include his message below.

“Hi rusty, may I ask you: Under your name in your profile your have text next to a little briefcase: Works at Expat Blogger… How and where did you add this as I am struggling! lol”


His question caused me to realize that while I had encouraged people to complete their profile, I didn’t tell them how. I will attempt to do that in this article. Up until this point, I hadn’t even noticed the briefcase. I’ll include this graphic to illustrate what he was talking about. 

Google Plus Profile Fields

As you can see from this, when someone looks at my profile, they have a very good idea of what I am about. Those people that are interested in these things will know they are in the right place.

So then why is your tagline important? That is because most people will never make it to your profile unless you have those two fields completed.

People that are looking to grow their network on Google Plus are likely spending a lot of time doing that. It is a tedious process and it takes time. So we are looking to reduce the amount of time it takes. You need to give them instant gratification. Most of us will simply hover our mouse over your profile until the “Hover Card” pops up and make our initial decision there. If that looks good, we might visit your profile. I’ll probably make my decision based on that hover card as illustrated below.

Google Plus Profile Hover Graphic

The first field that shows up here is my tagline. The second field is the employment field.
Mine could likely be improved on. I’m repeating myself so I should probably change my tagline. It gets truncated though so if you write a book, it won’t be seen anyway. There is one other place that tagline will show up.

When you add someone, they get a notification that you added them to their circle. If they click on that notification they see something like this:

Google Plus Profile Card

This doesn’t show your employment, it shows only your tagline. Massimilano Marsiglietti has done an excellent job with his. I know what he is about and why he is on G+. That is exactly what you want to achieve with these two fields. It is your billboard, so if someone looks at it, give them some useful information.

How to Edit the Employment and Tagline fields on Goggle+

Now that I’ve show you why these fields are important, its time to make sure you know how to edit these two fields in your Google Plus profile.

These are the steps you need to take to edit these fields:

  • Navigate to your profile.
  • Hover the mouse pointer to the left.
  • Click on Profile when the menu pops out.
  • Click on About.
  • Edit the Work box.
  •  Edit the Story Box.

I will illustrate each step below to make certain you can find your way there.

The first step is to go to your profile. Use the menu on the left side of the screen. Move your mouse over the the left and it will pop out.

G+ Profile Menu

Once there, you need to click on “About” as shown below.

G+ Profile Header


Now we are at the proper location to edit our fields. There are several boxes to choose from. At the bottom of each box there is an edit link. Clicking on those will, of course, allow you to edit the contents of those boxes.

To edit your employment field, click edit on the “Work” box. The first field shows your occupation. I thought that was the field that needed to be edited and I suspect many other do as well. It isn’t. It is the “Employment” field as shown below.

The graphic is a little different than what shows up on my profile because I edited it after I saved the screenshot. I removed the word “and” and replaced it with the pipe symbol or “|”. It looks much neater that way. I got that idea from the friend that asked me about this in the first place. I helped him and he helped me. That really is what G+ is all about.

Google+ Profile Edit Box

Now do the same with the “Story” box in your profile. You’ll find it at the top right until Google moves it to another location. I think I have too many graphics already so I’m not going to include one for that. It is much easier to find than the proper field that shows up on Google+ than the works at field.

Unless you really want to engage people from a specific reason, I think your profile should be in English. You may have very good reasons for using your native tongue. If your target is local, then that makes good sense to me. If your reach is global though, your profile should be in English. I know if I can’t read what you’ve said there, I’m not going to add you.


If you like your profile the way it is then I wouldn’t suggest you change it. Sometimes people don’t think about it or don’t even know about it.

You’re profile is like a sales page on G+. If you want people to follow you it needs to be completed properly.

It should tell others what you are about. What you do on Goggle Plus.

If you are an extremely talented person people will follow you but most of us are not that gifted and I’m not. You need to make it easy for people to know which circle to put you in or chances are very high they won’t put you in a circle at all.


This morning while reading others post on G+ I ran across an article from Stephan Hovnanian on this same topic. After reading his article, I made some changes to my profile. I would recommend that you also reach his article which you can find by clicking here.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful, if so, please plus or like it. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.

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