Should you learn Internet marketing from the experts? Yes, you should. It is an easy answer but there are some things to keep in mind.  Over the last year, I’ve seen my Internet income rise from $30 a month to $1000 a month! I’ve purchased a few courses and few tools to make that happen.

Should You Learn Internet Marketing From The Gurus?

One of the biggest things I’ve taken away from this is that no one has all the answers. I’ve listened to some very smart and successful markets say things that I found to be wrong. One person that I think very highly of says that anchor text isn’t all that important. He’s wrong, it is important.  That is, the text you use in a link to link back to your website. The anchor text I use makes a huge impact on rankings.

To test this, I created links with a misspelling of a keyword. I created 50 links with the spellingeducation wrong.. I waited a week and did a search for that wrong spelling.  It was a brand name followed by a model number. Something like “Samsung Blackjack.” That wasn’t what I used but you get the idea. I waited a week and the did a Google search for it. Google returned my page at position number 2. No where on that page is that spelling wrong but there it is in the search results. The product spelled correctly ranks well for my real targeted keyword, also at number two. That is because there has been backlink building by me for that website.

I’ve seen other instances of this type of thing. When you have two experts telling you different things, one of them has to be wrong. Plus when it comes to SEO, Google doesn’t want us to know all the tricks. There are around 300 factors, so some experts say, that Google takes into account for determining page rank and we don’t know them all.

I do think it is highly important to listen to the experts. Guru has become a dirty word in Internet marketing with some. That’s just hype. Learn from the gurus, they are making money. One of my favorite gurus, who would never call himself that as he is a no hype marketer, recently sent an email message out to his clients saying he doesn’t have all the answers! Oh, he’s the same one that downplays the significance of anchor text too. Yes, he got something wrong in my opinion but he is still my favorite Internet marketer. When he speaks, I listen but that doesn’t always mean I agree.

Learn Internet Marketing from Your Mistakes

Yes, learn Internet marketing from the experts of Internet marketing but do not take everything they say as gospel. I am a long way from knowing it all. However by listening to many, I’ve gained a lot of information. It is important to follow that up with your own testing. That’s what I did with that misspelled keyword! Honestly, that misspelled keyword was by mistake. I just took the mistake and used it to learn internet marketing.

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