If you’re going to do business on the web you’re going to need three things.  Two are mandatory and the third is nearly so.  Those three things will not cost you a huge amount of money.

Those three things are:

  1. Hosting  $8 a month
  2. Domain name $10 a year
  3. AWeber or another Autoresponder $19 a month.


Hosting is the service that displays your website to the web.  I have used many but HostGator is by far the best I have used.  You should look for a host that provides Fantastico as it makes it easier to install software such as WordPress.  This is a WordPress site.

HostGator Web Hosting

Nearly all host have staggeringly great uptime, meaning your site wont be down much.  That’s no longer much of an issue but there are still some out there.   Those host are usually new and desperate for customers and sometimes turn a blind eye to spamming.  When they do that, they get blacklisted.  You wont have that problem with HostGator.

The biggest issue when searching for hosting is support.  Hostgator excels with that.

Domain Name

You can also get your domain name through HostGator when you create an account there.   If you’re new, it might be worth a few extra dollars just so that they can configure things for you.  Most people buy their domains through Godaddy.

Build a website fast with GoDaddy.com!- 468x60

I’m not a huge fan of Godaddy but their pricing is great and you’re not likely to have problems.  I worked with them years ago and I’m sure much has changed since then.  I actually have my own domain company but I don’t actively offer services as I don’t feel I am able to provide timely support.  I can provide excellent support but not as fast as you might need it and I’m expensive.  I can’t buy domain names at the kind of prices that Godaddy offers.


An Auto-responder is the third item you’ll need.   You can put this one off for a bit if you wish.  However AWeber has a $1 trial going right now.  So that will give you some time to get other things ready.  Its also good to get it as building a list takes times.  Still, it should be your last service to add.  It can wait but you need it to capture potential customers so that you can contact them more than once.

Email Marketing $19/Month!

An auto-responder is something I’ve not been using and I’ve recently learned that is a huge mistake.  Its not just a tool to respond to someone when they send you an email.  It is used to automatically send emails in a certain time increment.  That’s the best and most advanced way to use them.

Many others use them to make offers to their customers.   Making too many offers too often is a great way to have people remove you from your list.   It is better to send messages offering free eBooks or a free newsletter.  If you do that, you’ll establish a relationship with the people in your list and your list will respond by buying things from you when you do make an offer.

You can make money on the web without a client base but the smart money is looking for people that buy and the continue to sell to them.  If you abuse your list, they will leave you in droves!  Be smart and earn more.  I probably don’t mail enough but I’d rather do it too little and gain trust than over do it and earn distrust!

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