If you’re selling a product, you must have a help desk. Over the last few days I decided to try a vendor. I purchased over $200 worth of products from this vendor. In addition to that I joined his monthly program at a cost of  $27.00.

These products will not make me rich and it will take a long time for me to make a profit off these help desk by zendeskproducts. They are good products though. I used one of them myself and learned a lot. So, I decided to become a reseller. After I logged into the membership area, the first thing I looked for was support system. There isn’t one. I thought about refunding right there on the spot. I’m still thinking about it. I think though, I can make some money with these products.

Not everything went smoothly with the 40 or so products I bought. I ran into some problems. I had trouble getting support. Today, I finally found an email for support. I discussed with them the lack of a help desk. I had become quite frustrated by this time. (Photo Credit)

They got a little huffy with me for my issues regarding their lack of support. They informed me there is a support email on every page they download page. Suppose I don’t make it to the download page? Suppose the problem happens before that. How then do I reach them. They email you sometimes with the email that is the support email address but if they ever told me it was the support email, I never saw it and I did look for it.

When they stated they don’t know what else they could do to provide support, other than the email address on every download page. I suggest a help desk in the membership area. Seems like a no brainier to me. Its obvious.  I also learned that the membership site script they are using provides a built in help desk. The must have opted not to use it.

When I questioned them on the lack of a help desk they told me it was not feasible since they had two hundred clients.  What? That’s one of the worst reasons I ever heard.  In fact, the more customers you have the more you need a support desk.

I have one and my business is tiny compared to them. I suppose they just don’t get it. One of the first things I do now when thinking of purchasing a product is look for a help desk.  Most people use one of the less than adequate free scripts provided in Fantastico. You know the ones, where you have to know your ticket number to look at the history of your ticket. I find that to be completely frustrating. Of course I didn’t write down my ticket number.

Anyone selling a product should provide a support desk. I think it should be similar to what Zendesk provides but even a free script is better than no support at all. Sellers, you’re really making a mistake if you don’t have one. I see that as you just don’t care.  It screams “You can’t trust me.” I do have a support desk and it is at Zendesk. If you have any questions or need help, please contact me at my help desk.

I take customer support seriously when I’m both selling and buying.  If I get a customer, I want to keep them and providing stellar support gets noticed.  Providing bad support gets refunds.

If you’re going to sell a product on the Internet, you should provide the best support system you can. It will build trust and it will provide you with repeat customers. It will grow your reputation. As social sites become more and more common, people are using them to talk about poor support. You should keep that in mind when someone ask you for help related to your site.

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