What is Relationship Marketing?

Relationship marketing is my preferred way to market. The days of slapping up a few affiliate links and waiting for the cash to roll in are gone. If you have lots of traffic, you can do that. If you have a huge budget for PPC advertising such as Google AdWords you might be able to do that. You must also know how to properly market with PPC, I will admit, I have not found the PPC formula yet.

Even The Not So Attractive Can Use Relationship Marketing

I get hundreds of offers related to Internet  Marketing every day. I can’t possibly evaluate them all. Plus, so much of what is out there is junk. Even if I do like what I see, I’m skeptical. I doubt it does what it claims. But if I get an offer from someone I trust, then I’m far more likely to give that offer a harder look. If it is not $1997 I might even buy it.

Relationship marketing means you build trust with your customers. You are not constantly trying to sell them something. Nothing turns me off more. I get on someones marketing list and every day, they send me a new offer. Yawn. I’m not going to buy from them. Sometimes I can’t leave their list because I bought one of their products and I need to stay there for upgrades and such. The chances I’ll buy one of their affiliate products is just about zero.

There was one person I bought a very cool product from. I ended up buying five products from him. Some are his, some are affiliate offers. One of those products was very good and I continue to pay $67 a month for it. A product I do intend to promote.  On the other hand, the other three products are barely workable. One product was good but the provider gives horrible customer support. Another was pretty good and I plan to review it on this site soon. One was a total worthless product.

I wrote to the guy that made the offer and told him it was useless. From his response, I could tell he didn’t realize it was a product he was promoting.  The product is a backlink anaylizer. I put one of my sites in and it told me I had 30,000 backlinks. I looked a little closer and it told me I had 500 backlinks to my privacy policy. That is, of course, absurd. The program counts internal backlinks and it counts them many time. Worse, it doesn’t give you the source of the backlinks and it doesn’t give you anchor text. This product is completely worthless.

The guy continues to send me offers through his support email list. I continue to delete them. I never look at them any more.

I rarely send out offers because I won’t promote a product I have not tired. The few times I broke this rule, I regretted it. Twice that I recall. It is extremely unlikely I will ever do it again. There was a huge launch in the last few weeks. I really wanted to promote it but I didn’t. It is probably a very good product but I wont promote what I can’t see.

Yes that means I’ll have fewer products to support. It also means my relationship marketing is enhanced. When I make an offer, I don’t want to loose the relationship that I built even if I get a sale.

Relationships Marketing In A Niche

Relationship marketing means you don’t start with a product. Instead you start with a niche.

  • You identify a problem
  • You determine if people are interested in solving that problem
  • You provide a solution and you do it for free
  • You build your relationship with your audience
  • You make a related offer

Relationship Marketing Requires Work

You may say, Rusty that is a lot of work. Yes, you are right it does and lots of it. Amazon, Google and Microsoft didn’t get where they are without a lot of work. You are not likely to succeed without a lot of work.

You really need someone to teach you Internet  marketing. Trying to learn it on your own can be done but most people will become frustrated and quit.

It is unlikely you can do it for free. You need hosting though you can make some money using Blogger.com and AdSense alone but you’re not likely to make much money. And you should really find a good coaching program to help you get started. You don’t have to pay $2000. Chris Farrel offers an excellent program for $47 a month.

For relationship marketing you’re going to need an email list. I use AWeber. It is simply the most trusted solution  out there. They offer a one month trial for a dollar and it renews at $19.00 a month. If just one person in your list buys something from  you then you will likely break even on your cost. A free alternative to AWeber is List Wire. I have not tried their service. I’m certain it would be better than no list at all. I suspect they spend a lot of time trying to keep spammers out of their list. Spammers within a program will affect the undeliverability of your emails.

Relationship marketing is the way of the future. Large companies are now on FaceBook and this is why they are there. They share information about their industry and their service. They usually give special offers, often free offers on their FaceBook fan page. If you don’t have one, create one.

Critical Element of  Relationship Marketing

Don’t start with a product. Start with a problem that you can fill. Fill that need to build your marketing relationship and then make a few select offers from time to time. If you offer a recurring item, one that rebills you’re likely to increase your earnings a great deal.

Market like you would market to a friend. Give honest feedback on products you like. Tell their weaknesses as well as their value and how it will help them. Better yet, tell them how it helped you. This is the heart of relationship marketing.

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