My name is Rusty Ferguson and I am an Internet marketer, a travel blogger and bit of a web developer.  I have a degree in Accounting and was an auditor in a past life. I also worked as a computer analyst for about five years.

I have had an online business to some degree since 1996. I remember back then in PC Magazine someone with an article about making a fortune on the Internet selling advertising. I didn’t think that was possible for a little guy. I was wrong. It is very possible and had I started in earnest back then, I probably would have. I got serious about internet marketing in 2008.

Rusty Ferguson and Internet Marketing

I built my business up quite well and was making a good income in 2012 but then my main site picked up a penalty for building backlinks and soon that site had almost zero search engine traffic.

I will admit that knocked the wind out of me. The site had over 500 quality articles on it. TheyRusty Ferguson were all written by me. It took me three years to build it up and I wasn’t looking forward to that process again. I likely will do it much faster this time around. I started rebuilding in the middle of this year.

I have found that nearly all successful Internet marketers will have something like this happen. I recently read that success is not measured by IQ but by grit. That is those who do not give up and keep fighting back. Not giving up is my middle name. What I lack in smarts, I make up for in stubborn.

I consider the setback a learning process. Starting my blog over is not all bad, I’ve learned a lot in that amount of time. It use to be hard for me to write 300 word articles and now it is hard for me to keep them under 1000 words.

I know a lot about the Internet and I can help you learn about the Internet too. I can teach you how to have an online business. You can do it. You can spend a lot of time or a lot of money on an Internet business but you can build one and be successful at it.

There are two keys to this. Most people never start and too many give up when they learn it is not easy. Yes, it is not easy. There are no get rich quick schemes that work. They come along one in a million but most of us are never lucky enough to have that opportunity. So, instead you need to plan on hard work.

In Closing, I’ll tell you a Few Personal Facts

George and RustyI am from the Southern USA but now live in the Philippines. I’m supposed to be retired but I sure am doing a lot of work. The work is so I can travel to the beautiful places in the Philippines. I also like to blog about my expat life on various websites. My home Philippines page is ExcitingCebu.Com.

I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment and tell me where you are in your Internet marketing. It is okay to be rank beginner. We all were at sometime.


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