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Socially Grabbing

In the previous article, I explained what you need to do to setup your NOD3x project. In this follow up, I will go into actually using the project to find bits of useful information. While I am new to NOD3x myself, I have put it use for social network analysis (SNA) and I will help you do the same.

There are three types of information I most often find on a project of this type. There are other things you can find. I found I had a troll marking all of my messages as spam for example. Though I haven’t been able to prove who is doing it, I have found strong indications of who is doing it.

Using Nod3x to Track Your Social Media Engagement

Isolate Data with NOD3x

NOD3x is a social network analysis (SNA) tool. It can provide insights into social networks that most of us common folks never had access to before. Though many will use it to track what others are doing on a social network, I’ve found it very useful to track my own post on social networks as…

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social media growth

Joining communities related to your interest and business is a very good way of meeting people that have interest similar to your own. Many of whom will be able to improve your skills. You can also use this to grow your G plus following and authority while potentially having a great time. It is also…

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Shared Circles Basics for Google Plus

Man Circles

Many people on Google Plus are unsure of how to share a circle or just don’t understand what it is all about. Circle Sharing provides a way to explode the rate of your Google Plus following. I enjoy the shared circles on G+ and I’ve found many people are confused about them. Hopefully, I can…

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Two Most Important Google Plus Profile Fields

Social Marketing

Your Google Plus profile is so important that I am going to write another article on this subject. There are two fields on your Google Plus profile that make it easy for people to know what you are about. Those two fields must be completed in a meaningful way. You might say, “Okay Rusty, but…

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Your  Google Plus Profile is the starting point for everything you do on G+. Who Are You? When you circle someone on G+ that person gets a notification that you added them. The first thing they want to know is who are you and what do you do? Tell people immediately with the Three Ws…

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Social Video Marketing

In this article, I’m going to show you how to post a video advertisement on FaceBook and Google Plus for maximum impact. The steps I outline here will work for both. I originally wrote this article for people in my Rippln download but these principles can be applied to any post. Here is an example of an ad…

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Grow Google Plus Following

The tips I have for you on how to grow your Google Plus following are fundamental. However, I see many people trying to market on social Google Plus yet fail to take care of the basics. I know you want to make a sale but there are things you need to do to improve your…

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