Keyword Research is Critical For Your Internet Marketing Sucess

Keyword Research For Maximum Profits

This will be a short article about keyword research. I have written about keyword research before and I will be releasing another keyword research article tomorrow. I wanted to first release a simple and quick article explaining what to look for in your keyword research.

If you’re a beginning Internet marketer you may not yet even know about keyword research. If you know about keyword research, you may not know why it is important to do it. So I am writing this quick keyword research article to help explain why researching a keyword to target is a good idea.

I like to pick one main keyword and then include several other keywords in my articles or website. It is a good idea to build an entire website around one main keyword but also to go after related keywords.  This will give  you the best results in your keyword research strategy.

Two Important Factors For Keyword Research Succeess

  • How Many People Search For A Keyword
  • How Strong Is The Competition For A Keyword

The first think you want to know is how many people are searching for the keyword. A free way to find this out is to use Google AdWords. I wrote another keyword research article about that here.

The second important factor is how strong is the competition for the keyword. I will write a follow up keyword research article on that topic.

Analyzing keyword competition is the more difficult part.  For this you need to consider things that include how long have the top ten pages been online, how many backlinks do they have to their page that is ranking well for the keyword, and their on page search engine optimization. This determines their page authority.

How many pages are ranking for they word is of little value.  Though I have considered that in the past, I wont consider it any more. The only thing that matter is how well those pages are optimized. If you can find a weakness in their authority that you can exploit, you might be able to knock them out of their spot.

At midnight, I will follow up this story with another one that goes into more detail about keyword research and the myths being taught by the experts.

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