In the previous article, I explained what you need to do to setup your NOD3x project. In this follow up, I will go into actually using the project to find bits of useful information. While I am new to NOD3x myself, I have put it use for social network analysis (SNA) and I will help you do the same.

There are three types of information I most often find on a project of this type. There are other things you can find. I found I had a troll marking all of my messages as spam for example. Though I haven’t been able to prove who is doing it, I have found strong indications of who is doing it.

Keep your mind open and creative and I bet you will find uses for it I never thought of. Here are the three types of information I most often find.

  • People I need to engage with.
  • Areas that I need to provide help on.
  • Specific people I need to work with help them improve engagement.

Working with specific people can be a bit tricky as I might bruise an ego so I primarily go with teaching the masses about what I would like to see. I find that one lesson is not enough. There have been times when I thought I just can’t reach that person but after the tenth time I posted something they finally noticed it and made the change. Sometimes those people give me lots of thanks in the process. I just smile to myself when I’ve been posting about it for a month.

Google Plus is a faced passed social network and people have a lot of information coming at them. But lets move on to our project.

How to Use NOD3x to Find Useful Information:

First let’s look at each component of our projects dashboard. We’ll take them in order from left to right starting with the top row.

The Statistics Component:

How To Use NOD3x

The first component we see is the overall statistics for the project. Probably the most significant metric here is the “Seconds average post”.

Since this one is showing zero, this post has probably come to the end of its life. It’s not being re-shared any more. This post appears to have been shared 139 times by 111 different people. Forty-nine of the post have been received enough plus ones for NOD3x to consider the sentiment as positive and it is nice to see none of the post found by NOD3x has been marked as spam enough for NOD3x to consider it to have a negative sentiment.

Content Distribution

The next component is more useful when you have statistics across more than one network. It will then show you how much activity there is for each. Since I have disabled all other networks for this project, this component doesn’t help us very much.


The influencers component for this project was quite helpful. I had a new engager with quite a large following. That likely translates into high page rank. So when they re-share my Google Plus post and also plus tag my name, they will pass on more than the average amount of page rank.

How to Use Nod3x to find InfluencersI also discovered that another person has more influence than I was previously aware. One person was unknown to me the other was known but I was unaware of his potential impact. I added both of these individuals to a circle I have names as “Increase Engagement’. I also added them to a circle that will get them included more often in my public shared circles. Another person is of interest but his activity is far removed from my interest, I didn’t add or move them into a different circle.

If you hover over one of these persons name, their name will appear in a popup as shown in the graphic on the left.

You can click on this persons name a larger popup will appear. On this popup you can see more Closer Look at Influencersdetails about this individual.

Among other indicators, you will see their Klout score and his Google Plus relevance. By clicking on the “Online Presence” tab I will also see some of his profile information as well. See screenshot below:

It also shows some of the recent post Pradeep has re-shared but that is not shown in this graphic. I like to look at their online presence which shows the number of followers they have.

Social Networking Indicators

You may find that a persons actual follower count is much higher than that indicated in the metric below.  This can serve as a guide but you’ll want to click through to G+ to get the current number. I’ll explain how you can get to G+ later in this article.

Finding a Users Followers with NOD3x

Now I have a pretty good idea of what Pradeep is all about online.

Since we have some of the same interest, I added him to a circle to increase engagement with.

This is really the main purpose of NOD3x. I just found someone that would be good to develop an online relationship with and I did it with NOD3x.

When I click on the “Topics” tab I can see his Klout topics.

Now I have a pretty good idea of what Pradeep is all about online. Since we have some of the same interest, I added him to a circle to increase engagement with. This is really the main purpose of NOD3x. I just found someone that would be good to develop an online relationship with and I did it with NOD3x. He’s an excellent photographer and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you drop by his Google Plus profile. You can also check out his blog at India Wedding Photographer.

Social Networking Topics

To get to Pradeep profile within NOD3x click on the G+ icon and you’ll be able to see his profile on G+. At that point, you can add the person to a circle or you may decide not too.

Getting to G+ from NOD3x

NOD3x is using Google Plus’ new embedded post feature to embed post and give us the ability to interact with Google Plus content within this SNA tool which makes it very convenient to use.

The Relationship Graph

The relationship graph is where things start to get really interesting.

With this small version of the graph, it is a bit difficult to work with so we will move into the larger view later. Even within this small version though, you can click on a node or dot and see who that person is.

When you hover your mouse pointer over a node, their name will display. In a project like this, SNA Relationship Graph inNOD3xyour own node will likely be in the center of the graph.

You can click on it and the post will pop up. If you like you can interact with that post right in the dashboard.

In order to do that, click on the comments link and the post will popup where you can comment, plus or reshare that post. I will cover what you can find from this graph in my third post on using NOD3x to track your own projects. For now, I will continue with walking you through the components of the NOD3x project dashboard.

Gender Component

If you need to know what the gender break down is on your project NOD3x makes and attempt to pull that information. On this project, everyone came up unknown but in many projects I do see a breakdown of male, female and unknown. If you want to know what women are saying about your project you can click on that slice and it will show you all the post from those that NOD3x identified as women.

I can see where this would be helpful but so far, I haven’t needed to use it. If you’re marking a product for example, you may be trying to reach males or females. You can use this to gauge how you’re doing.

Word Cloud

I like to look at the Word Cloud on other types of projects but on this type, where a large portion of the words NOD3x finds related to the project are going to come from your own post.

Keyword Cloud in SNA for a TopicIt could pick up words from re shares though. If enough people use the same words in a re-share it could become part of the word cloud. Since this is going to be the words most often used, your post will be in all re-shares so it is your own words that are most likely to be there.

If you wish to, you can click on a word and it will pull up the stream for all the post that used that word. NOD3X’s word cloud is very useful for most projects but not so much with this one.

In other projects, you can get an idea of which words you might want to include in your post on the same topic.

I believe on this project, NOD3x is having trouble with one of my keywords. Those tiny words look like they are what I get when NOD3x is unable to find any post on my project. I am referring to the words “numfound” and “response”.


Map Component

The map shows where post originated from. This would include re-shares of your post. You may need to move around the globe to find post. They will be indicated by colored pins.

If you are targeting a region then this would be very helpful to you. You can see if you’re making into the part of the world where you are trying to reach.

Post Volume and Sentiment Analysis

These two are similar. The post volume gives you a graphic representation of how many post were made over time.  It also shows you negative, positive and neutral sentiment if all three are present again over the life of the project or the dates you have selected.

Post Volume and Sentiment in NOD3x

The sentiment graph shows the sentiment for the project or the date range you have selected.  You can change the date range in the upper right corner of the project dashboard.

The purple line at the bottom of the sentiment graph shows how you are doing in relation to all of Google Plus for your keywords.  Since the line is above zero this post did a bit better with sentiment than the Google Plus average.  If the line dips below zero then you’re getting more negative sentiment than the average for your keywords.

Though the power and uniqueness of NOD3x comes from the graphs, don’t ignore the dashboard.

Post Sentiment Graph

 Within the dashboard I picked up on one new Google Plus power user that already made an effort to interact with me. Something I would have completely missed if I only used the ripples page on Google and that wonderful Circloscope extension. NOD3x shows me the potential, sometimes untapped or not fully developed potential that I can work with to get it close to the optimum.

In the next article in this series, we will explore the V2 or “Relations” graph within NOD3x.  We may find additional bits of information there to make our presence on Google Plus stronger.

Go now and work with the elements of the NOD3x dashboard. Once you have absorbed that, then proceed to NOD3x Relations Graph — Discover New Relationships and Power charge the old ones. Please note: It will be published within 24 hours of this article’s publication.

Please ask your questions, suggestions and feedback in the comments below. I still have a lot to learn about NOD3x and SNA so feel free to help me. You may use the comment system of your choice. When you use Google Plus, I will receive notifications from many of you and get to your questions sooner.

If you found this article to be of use to you, please consider sharing it on all of your favorite social networks. The social network icons below this article can be used to assist you.


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