NOD3x is a social network analysis (SNA) tool. It can provide insights into social networks that most of us common folks never had access to before. Though many will use it to track what others are doing on a social network, I’ve found it very useful to track my own post on social networks as well.

There are several factors I watch using NOD3x on the content I share on Google Plus and this will work with FaceBook and Twitter as well. You can also track how your blog post are received on those networks too. Something I will begin to do starting with this article. I have been using NOD3x mostly for Google+. So in this article, I will discuss what I have been doing with NOD3x on G+.

This is going to work best, if your content is being re-shared. If not, NOD3x may never find your one specific post.

Things I track on Google+ using Nod3x include:

  • Who is engaging with my content?
  • The sentiment on my content. Is it positive, neutral and negative?
  • Who are the most important influencers on my social networking content?
  • Who is giving a plus one, commenting and who is re-sharing my Goggle Plus content.

Many times I find people that I need to add to my circles, in other words follow them and in some cases I find people I need to increase my own engagement with.

Getting Start With Your NOD3x Project

I think it is helpful to write your post offline, such as in Word and set your NOD3x project up before you actually release it on Google Plus. If you wish to track something you’ve already posted though, it works just fine.

The first thing you need to do is log in to NOD3x. I recommend that you use your Google Plus log in for NOD3x as it is free to use for Google+ members. You can log into it using this link: NOD3X SNA tool

If you’ve never used NOD3x before and don’t know how to create a project with it, you should watch this video.

Let’s create a project and enter keywords that will hopefully track a specific post. I have better results if I limit the social networks to just Google Plus and if I select English as my language.

Create Nod3x SNA Project for

I wanted to track a specific post on Google Plus so I grabbed some keywords from that post to use as my keywords within this NOD3x project.
Here they are:

  • Circle also includes about 200 people
  • Public Shared Circle of Active Community Member
  • Join My Communities and Pages
  • Important to Mention Original Posters


This seems to work better if I grab several phrases from a post. I first just entered the headline and NOD3x was not finding most post. So, I came back and added some other phrases and it then began to track it.

What works even better is to make a fairly long hashtag that will not be used any place else. I have done that and it works very well. I made a hashtag something like this: #psc FkTrD1s8JfI9 and enter that into NOD3x as a keyword. I recommend you use only letters and digits as special characters might get altered by Google Plus. I have used this as my only keyword and NOD3x seemed to find every re-share.

Name your project anything you like. Then enter your comma separated keywords as shown below:

Social Network Anaylsis

Then click next twice to arrive at the this screen. I make changes to it for this kind of project. I select only English and also remove the other social networks.

Social Network Analysis with Nod3x

If I leave the others in, I often get many post from Twitter that are not related to my content and I don’t want that on this kind of project. I don’t think you would either. On a broader project, then yes, that information may be helpful.

I also click on “Run Demo Search” at the bottom of that graphic. If your post hasn’t even been released on Google Plus and it returns data, you know you need to select more specific keywords. Otherwise, the project you setup to track your own post will be pulling in other peoples post that may be related but are not yours. You often want that but that is not the purpose of a project like this. Remember, I’m trying to track just my post. I’m not interested in the competition this time.
If you need to make changes, use the back button and adjust your keywords. Don’t worry about it if the demo shows nothing. Even on projects where I have content out there, the demo search often shows nothing for such specific phrases like this.

Don’t forget to save your project. I’m editing a project so the words “Update Project” are shown. Your screen will indicate “Save Project” if it is a new NOD3x project.

Now we have to wait a bit for the project to start running and for NOD3x to find your content or the re-shares of your content. Often it doesn’t find my original post. Though NOD3x is more likely to find my post if I remember to set the project up before I release it on Google+.

How long you have to wait is variable. It usually doesn’t take very long at all for NOD3x to find my content. Usually less than 30 minutes. What you want to look at is the status of your project. If it shows running then it has either found content or is not having any success in finding your content.

If a few hours have passed by since you saved your project and you still don’t have any content within your NOD3x dashboard, it may be time to add some more phrases.

To get back to your project while working on other parts of NOD3x click the magnifier icon.


Once you click on that icon all or your projects are shown. Find the one you are working on and if the status indicates “Running” as opposed to “Waiting or Pending” then click the magnifying icon. A drop down menu will appear when it does, click dashboard.

 OPen you Nod3x Project

After you click the icon on your dashboard you will hopefully show something like this:


If instead you see your project is not running, you probably need to add some keywords from your post or wait for some re-shares. If you have re-shares you probably need to add some keywords and you might need to anyway. Sometimes, I just have to keep trying different phrases.

Once you have it looking something like the above, that means your project is populated with data. Now, lets’ make sure we actually got the data we were looking for. We will do that by looking at the live stream from within our project.

Verify the results of your setup.

You’ll see a listing of the post NOD3x has found for this project. The screenshot below shows part of the post and it is the Google Plus post that I am trying to track.

The post streamin NOD3x

Scroll down and check the other post. If you find some that don’t belong, click the ignore button and that should remove that stray post from your data.

Manually Twea NOD3x Data

Let’s summarize this process and give you a check sheet to help jog your memory when you begin to setup your project. I wouldn’t wait too long. Do it now while this is fresh in your mind.

  • Log in to NOD3x
  • Create Your Project
  • Isolate to English (or other language) and G+ (optional)
  • Save Your Project
  • Wait for Your Project to Start.
  • Check Your Stream
  • Adjust as needed.

We have now setup our project. Its time to see what, if any, information we can gleam from this one. Sometimes, I don’t find anything that really helps me. Most times, I do find very helpful information while I’m working with a project like this in NOD3x. This article is becoming long so we will take a look at what the project tells us in part II of “Using NOD3x to Track Your Social Network Content”.

If you have any questions or comments on setting up your project, please ask and I will try to answer them. I would love to hear what you find while working with your own projects too. Use one of the comment options below.

If you found this article helpful, please don’t forget to share it on your all of your favorite social networks. You can use the social icons below to do that.

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