Affiliate marketing has been around since the late 1990’s.  As far as I know, Amazon started the trend or business model.  I remember being very weary of it.  Kind of laughing it off but I signed up and within a month got my first check for a whopping o.68 cents.  🙂  If I didn’t loose that check in my last move, I still have it.   It is about 8000 miles away along with most of my “important stuff.”

CashSince then, I have made over $1000 a month using affiliate marketing.  That may sound like a lot to some but it really isn’t.  Some Internet marketers make a lot more than that and they do it every month.  Some do it every day.  Really they do.  I know some of them.

So what is affiliate marketing?  Basically its selling other peoples products.   You generally need to have a website.  Then you need to write articles for your website.   Post some articles and provide something that will interest people.

Here is a formal definition from a website called Market Research Terms:

Affiliate marketing is revenue sharing advertising between two websites. The affiliate website will display an online advertisement of another website. Internet traffic from the affiliate site will be driven to the other website. The affiliate is compensated for displaying the advertisement.

You will see banners on this site.  These banners almost always represent an affiliate program in one way or another.  Some are direct links to a sponsors site.  If you click on one of those ads and buy something, then I will get a commission.   How much, depends on the product.  Some of the ads on this site pay me as much as $100 per conversion.   People, like me, that place these ads on their site are often called publishers.

I just threw three new terms out there:

  • Sponsor
  • Conversion
  • Publishers

sponsor is the company with the product that you are promoting.   One of my sponsors  is HostGator.   If you click on one of their ads and buy hosting, then I earn a commission.

That means my advertisement converted.  Conversions are not always about making money though.  I have some links that encourage you to sign up for my newsletter.  That too is a conversion.

A publisher is someone with a website that produces articles or content.  I am a publisher.  Once you have a website and produce your first article, then you are also a publisher.

Now don’t let anyone tell you that this is easy.  It is not easy.   There is more to it than putting up a website with a few pages on it and then hoping people will show up.  Until you learn some skills, that wont happen.  You can learn those skills.   It is not magic it is a skill and skill can be learned.

For now, I’m going to toss out only one affiliate program you can sign up with.  I am assuming that you are a beginner.   Some affiliate programs will reject your application if you don’t have content on your website.  So you need to start there.  Start by adding content to your website.  That is you start by publishing articles.  After you have done that, then you can start applying to more affiliate programs.  I will review some affiliate programs at a later time.

The first affiliate program that I recommend you visit is ClickBank.  Clickbank is huge and highly regarded by most.  They have some policies I’m not a huge fan of.   Actually they have one policy that I object too.  Before they will pay you, you have to have five sells from five different credit cards plus you must have one sell that is paid for through Paypal.  For the publisher just getting started, this could be a real problem.  It may delay your first payment.

What I do like about Clickbank is that they are huge.  You’ll likely be able to find products there will fit your niche.   To find out, click on Marketplace on the top menu of their site.  Type in keywords that match your niche and see what comes up.

If you have a website, go ahead and sign up with ClickBank.   If not, put your site online and then sign up.  Publish some articles and then decide on which affiliate programs you would like to promote.  Put their banners on your site but don’t stop there.  Keep writing.  Keep adding content to your website.  Don’t expect too much too soon.

You have a lot more work to do.  I would like to cover those topics now but this article is already getting long so I need to wind it down.  This article is intended to be an introduction to affiliate marketing.   You’ll need to learn a lot more before you can reasonably expect to make money.  You need to start small and add to your site and your business.  It will take time.  It does work!

You can make money by blogging but you have to get out of the starting block before you will begin to earn money online.

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