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You will hear the Internet marketing gurus tell you that you must split test.  I hear this most often when they are trying to sell you a course.   Perhaps in those courses they will teach you more advanced things than I’m going to but it really isn’t a big secret.

As a bonus in this article you will also learn a powerful SEO technique.

It is a good practice.  And you do it all the time without realizing it.

Split testing is also called A/B testing.  Basically all it is doing something.  Evaluate the results.   Trying something else andsplit test evaluating those results then comparing the two results.  Magic huh?  I use to wonder what do they mean by split testing.  That’s it.

It helps if you have a question that you want answered before the test but that isn’t crucial.   In fact, you should be watchful for unexpected answers that your testing may reveal.

Powerful SEO Technique

No I would suggest you right down what you’re doing.   For example, today I changed the page title and description on one of my sites.  I recorded the old title and description and wrote down the date.  I also noted my website ranking.  That is where I’m at in the search engine for my keyword.

I saw the site move up one position.  I didn’t expect it to happen that fast.  For a secondary but important keyword I saw a move from position number 18 to 7.  I moved from page two on Google to page 1.  Just by changing my description.  I added the secondary phrase to my description but not the title.

Results and Conclusion of Split Test

So the split test told me what I already suspected.  That the description of the site and article is crucial in your rankings on Google.

But that’s it.  That is what split testing is.

Now I should mention that I also had written an article with my secondary keyword in the title about a month ago.  That got me on page two but page two is not very helpful.  So my description complimented an article I already had on the site.  I suspect that was very important.  The only way I can know for sure is if I can come up with another split test.  I’ll probably have to do that on another site.

The question is, “How important is to have an article on the site with a title that matches the keyword of your site description?”  I suspect it is crucial.  Google hates description that have nothing to do with the content of your site.  By having an article title with the same keyword, that told Google my site is actually about that keyword.

Now I think it is important to write down what you’re doing in your split test.  It provides some organization to what you’re doing.  It is also important to have some results to condition A before you try condition B.  Otherwise you wont have anything to compare your changes too.

Another Split Test Example

Now this split test is  one I haven’t actually executed yet.  So I don’t know the results.

I have an eBook that I sell.  I want to split test it.   I want to put it out there at half the price I normally sell it for and see what happens.  I am concerned though that I might anger the people that paid twice as much for it.  So I don’t know if I will do it or not.  But evaluating sells at two different price would be split testing.

In this situation, I don’t think you’d want to just look at how many more items you sold at the different prices.  A much better measurement would be to examine the number of conversion.  How many people visited the site with the product versus how many people bought it.   Did it convert more than twice as much at the lower price?  If so, then that would be the better price to sell it at.  If it converted only twice as much then there is no difference really in your profits.

There could be other considerations.  If you make just as much, you could provide value to more people.   With some products that could be very valuable.  Word of mouth is a great marketing tool.  Probably,  the best you can get.

So not everything is easily quantifiable.  There could be other variables at play that foul up your conclusions.  In my SEO split test, a site could have been caught using black hat SEO and banished by Google.  That is very possible for moving up one place.  However, the move from page two to page one can’t be explained that way.

Keeping it Simple

So changing two things actually helped me in this case.  I know the change in description helped my ranking.  The more changes you introduce into the mix though, that can muddy the waters.

Now Get Started!

So in this article, you have learned both what split testing is and you learned a powerful SEO technique.  Well, unless you already knew these things.  This site is aimed at the beginning Internet marketer.  So have you actually begun yet?  If not, you need to plunge in.  You can start testing until you start acting.

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