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When a new visitor lands own your website, they must know what your niche is right off. No, they won’t think, oh, this is a monkey training niche. They will think, okay, this website is about training my pet monkey.  If your visitor doesn’t know what your website is about, they will most likely leave. Niche is the term we internet marketers like to use to talk about our sites focus. When we find a good one, we are not likely to tell anyone else about it. As we want to keep the competition in our niche as low as possible.

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Many beginners in the online marketing business make the mistake of building a broad
website that lacks focusing on a niche. I did this in the early years. I thought that the broader my website was, the more traffic I would get. It seemed to make sense, the more broader it is, the more people I would have searching for those topics. It is true that more people will be searching on more topics but those people are unlikely to ever find your website. Google and other search engines wont be able to pinpoint what your website is about and for good search engine ranking this is a must.

What is a Niche?

When I learned about a niche, it was about where an animal lived. Its place in an ecosystem. In marketing, it is close to the same thing. provides a good definition of Niche Marketing:

By definition, then, a business that focuses on a niche market is addressing a need for a product or service that is not being addressed by mainstream providers. You can think of a niche market as a narrowly defined group of potential customers.

For instance, instead of offering cleaning services, a business might establish a niche market by specializing in blind cleaning services.

To me, those are both niches but on is laser focused and the other is not. I doubt the firm specializing in cleaning for the blind would turn down a job for a sighted person! However, a blind person might be more inclined to use this specialized firm. They are also more likely to find that firm if it has a web presence.

When I want to check my rankings using a search engine to do it, I don’t use my main browser. I don’t because I’ll get skewed results. This becomes more pronounced if I am actually logged into to Google while I do my search. Yes, Google tracks you unless you take steps to prevent it.

What I’m getting at here is that a blind person has probably done other searches on services for the blind so even if they don’t search for a cleaning service for the blind, they may very well likely to see a site focused on services for the blind if they search for cleaning service in general.

However, I wouldn’t count on this aspect of marketing a niche. If the niche you choose has no one searching for it, you’ll not get any traffic. For that reason you must do your keyword research.

To further focus this niche, if it were my business, I’d also make heavy use of my location on my website. So the niche is cleaning services for the blind in Boondocks, Mississippi. Hey, I was raised in Mississippi so I can say that.

My point is here is this, you will rank higher in the search results if your website is focused. Other things being equal, your bounce rate will be lower too for a laser focused website.

I have found it hard to get a website with a broad range of topics to rank well in the search engines. On the hand, my websites that have a very narrow focus are much easier to rank for. That is when I have more targeted niche, I can get exposure to my site.

I’ve found that targeting the model number of products works very well for affiliate marketing sites. People that are searching by model number are more likely to buy. These people are on the verge of buying in most cases and are just looking around to see if there is information out there they don’t have or they may be looking for the price.  It is risky however to pick a model name for a product as your domain name. The maker of the product will probably not be pleased and might even force you to hand the domain over to them.

What is my niche on this website? It is Internet Marketing for beginners. Really that is a a niche with a lot of competition. I don’t expect to rank well for it for a long time. And it is a little bit broad. I might get more traffic if I setup a site about keyword research for beginners. I wouldn’t use those words though.  I’d have to do some keyword research for that niche first.

So when you’re thinking about a new website, first thing to do is define your niche and part of that is to find out if there is any interest in that niche. The more focused, the easier it is rank highly in the search engines but you also need to know how many people are interested in that niche and how strong your competition is.

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