Your  Google Plus Profile is the starting point for everything you do on G+.

Who Are You? When you circle someone on G+ that person gets a notification that you added them. The first thing they want to know is who are you and what do you do? Tell people immediately with the Three Ws of Google Plus. You do this with your Google Plus profile. Let me show you what I mean and how to fix your Google Plus profile.

Often when people add me, I can’t tell who they are, what they do or where they do it. I call this the “Three Ws of G+” At the very least, complete the work field and your tagline.

Google Plus Profile on CircleCount

Many of us on Google Plus use +CircleCount to help us quickly determine who to circle and who not to circle. With this you can hover over someone’s name and get a quick look at the three Ws. Here is a profile that contains nothing.

Google Plus Profile

Maybe this person doesn’t really care about growing her following and that’s okay. Not everyone on Google + is here for that. She is actually a great person to have following me. She engages and she pluses my pictures and sometimes shares them. I am very happy to know her and have her follow me and I follow her.

Others though, they want to be found, they want to be followed yet they don’t tell us who they are. Those people are doomed on Google+.

I know they want to be followed because they participate in circle shares on Google Plus. I will explain circle shares in an upcoming article.

It is frustrating for me when people add me and I cannot quickly determine the Three Ws of Google+. If you haven’t yet completed your Google Plus profile, go do it and do it right now.

The two most important fields are:

  • Employment
  • Tagline

Rusty Ferguson’s Google Plus Profile on CircleCount

Those are the fields people are going to see without visiting your profile. Chances are high; they will never visit your profile if those two fields are not engaging. The two fields won’t be engaging to everyone and that is okay. It will be engaging to people interested in the topics you are interested in. Here is what my profile looks like in the +CircleCount popup.

Rusty Ferguson Google Plus Profile

My header pictures tells my story as it’s taken in the Philippines, My profile picture is distinctive though I’m not 100 percent sure it is the best picture. What you want in your profile picture is a clear head shot. The bird on my head though, that’s memorable. Hopefully, it helps me to stand out in the crowd. Someone on a social network suggested I use that as my profile picture. It was a great idea and that’s the beauty of social networking. To get ideas from others and to help others with your ideas.

When you look at that popup, you know what kind of content I will be sharing on Google Plus. Stand Out in the CrowdNotice that CircleCount also tells you how many people follow this person, the time of their last post and if people are engaging with them.

+CircleCount is a free extension for Chrome. If you plan to be active on G+ then you should get it. I’ve learned a lot using it and it really helps me make quick decisions about people.

I have posted about the importance of your Google Plus profile before. I’m doing it again because it is extremely important and very few are getting it close to correct. I think I’m probably in the close to correct category. Check out my Google Plus profile by clicking here.

Even Google uses your Google Plus profile to determine who you are and where you write. Properly setting it up G+ profile also helps to make you a brand. This appears to be an important signal for rankings in search engines. Your author rank will likely become more important for bloggers in the future.

I wrote a subsequent article showing you exactly which fields to edit and detailed instructions on how to edit them. Two fields are the most important. The “Employment” and the “Tagline” fields. Check it out by clicking here.

If you have any questions about your Google Plus profile or anything about social networking use the comment box and ask. I love to hear from you. If you found this article useful, then please share it by clicking the social icons below.

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